What are mini dental implants ? Are they of any use to you ? Are you a candidate for mini dental implants ? what is their cost ? Are mini dental implants affordable ? Would it improve your oral health ? What would be impact of mini dental implants on your overall health ? Any many such questions lingers in minds of so many people regarding mini dental implants. We will try to answer most of these . Mini dental implants are a good option for those people who are looking for replacement of missing teeth but don’t want conventional restoration. Conventional restorations like dentures are removable¬†hence many patients don’t want to go for them. Apart from them caps and bridges require grinding of adjacent teeth for support which is not required in case of mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are fixed in jaw bone hence non removable. To know whether you can go for it ,visit your dentist.6a0120a61b8a1d970c0120a7c84924970b

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