Dental implant tooth is an artificial titanium post placed in gums to replace missing teeth. Dental implant tooth comes under modern implant dentistry . Dental implant tooth has health benefits like surrounding tooth need not be drilled like in dental bridges. Dental implant tooth gives more natural look.Everyone is not a candidate for dental implant tooth.Visit your nearest dentist to know whether you are a candidate for dental implant tooth.

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Dentures are fabricated by dental procedures – best dental clinic in mohali. Dentures are mainly of two types – complete and partial and further latest one are flexible dentures – best dental clinic in mohali. Dentures fills the gap caused by missing teeth – Gaps left by missing teeth can cause problems with eating ,speech,looks etc -best dental clinic in mohali. One of the options to replace missing teeth is dentures – best dental clinic in mohali.As the name suggests if all the teeth are missing complete denture is given- best dental clinic in mohali. If only few teeth are missing then partial dentures are given-best dental clinic in mohali. Flexible dentures are latest ones and as the name suggests , these are more flexible than conventional dentures but there is only one drawback also in flexible dentures-best dental clinic in mohali. In future more teeth can’t be added if need arises but in conventional dentures more teeth in certain situations can be added if need arises in future – best dental clinic in mohali.

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